Recent Research Progress (1-1) Research Thrust 1

  • Data collection server implementation
  • Stream cloud computing platform setup
  • Spark internal data structure RDD extension
  • Design, implement and parallelize stream data analytics algorithms
  • Explore streaming data real-time scheduling strategies and conduct accelerator-based optimizations

Recent Research Progress (1-2)

  • Convergence of big data analytics and computationally-intensive computing
  • Military big data analytics platform on top of Hadoop + Spark + Cloud

Recent Research Progress (2-1) Research Thrust 2

  • Optimized channel/resource allocation
  • λ-augmented tree enhanced CRSN
  • Scalable data collection with compressive sampling
  • Studying the availability of wireless links for reliable communications subject to jamming and other forms of intelligent attacks
  • IoT fingerprinting and intrusion detection
  • MEC based hierarchical data collection and computing tasks offloading

Recent Research Progress (3-1) Research Thrust 3

  • High-dimensional data analysis
  • Handle missing data
  • Hard/Soft data mining using Dempster-Shafer theory (CCT) to address uncertainty
  • Novel transfer learning framework

Recent Research Progress (4)
Research Thrust 4

  • New algorithms design for steaming data visualization
  • Interactive 3D Visualization for Cloud-based Big Data Applications
  • Hybrid Autonomous Sensing System

Research Awards