Curriculum Vitae

Yuzhong Yan

Houston, Texas



Ph.D. Candidate of Computer Engineering Track, in Progress

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Prairie View A&M University


Master's Degree in Computer Science, December 2015

Computer Science Department, GPA 4.0

Prairie View A&M University

Main subjects: Advanced Algorithms, Advanced Database Systems, Research Method, Distributed Programming, Computer Architecture

Title of the Thesis: ”A Template-based Seismic Data Analytics Cloud Platform”.


Master's Degree in Computer Application, April 2003

Communication and Computer Engineering College, GPA 3.4

Southwest Jiaotong University

Main subjects: Software Engineering, Computer Network, Combinatorial Mathematics, Information Theory

Title of the Thesis: ”Research of Automatics Parallelization of Sequential Program”.


Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics, June 2000

Mathematics Department, GPA 3.1

Hebei University

Main subjects: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Programming Language, Data Structure, Mathematical Model, Database.

Title of the Thesis: ”Building a prototype with Delphi for B/S Multi-Layers Database System”.



        Member: IEEE

        Member: ACM




02/16 - Now         CREDIT Center, Prairie View A&M University

        Research Associate


08/13 - 12/15 Department of Computer Science, Prairie View A&M University

                Research Assistant


05/10 - 04/13 Geeya Technology Co. Ltd



05/03 - 04/10 Sunmedia Technology, a member of Sunplus Group, Taiwan

                Software Engineer & Department Manager



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