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PhD student, Electrical Engineering
Spring 2013 - now, Prairie View A&M University

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering
2004 Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran
Thesis: Design of a Low Power, High SFDR and ROM-Less Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Chip

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
2001 Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
Thesis: Design and Implementation of Eight Channel Oscilloscope Card

Graduate Level Coursework

Machine Learning for Big data

Hybrid Systems: Theory and Applications
Data Mining Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Wireless Networks Digital Integrated Circuit Design
Telecomunication Network Security RF High Frequency Circuit Design
Estimation and Detection Theory VLSI
Coding Theory Digital Signal Processing
The Internet Design and Implementation Semiconductors Technology and Theory
Communication and Cyber-Security in Smart Grid Microprocessor II
Stochastic Processing
Research Interest

Wireless Technologies: GSM-WCDMA-WiMAX-LTE-5G

Big Data Analytics and Data Mining

Multi Sensor Data Fusion

Signal and Data processing

Internet of Things(IoT), Community based Sensing Platforms, Cyber Physical Systems(CPS)

Wireless Sensor Network(WSN), Body Area Network(BAN)

Cognitive Radio(CR), Software Defined Radio(SDR)

Analog, Digital, RF Integrated circuit design, VLSI

Embedded Systems and Robotics


Publication and Technical Report

H. Jafari, X. Li, L. Qian, A. Aved, and T. Kroecker,"Multisensor Change Detection based on Big Time-Series Data and Dempster-Shafer Theory". Journal: Information Systems, special issue of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (CCPE) for IEEE TrustCom/ISPA/BigDataSE 2016 conferences, Tianjin, China, 23-26 August, 2016

H. Jafari, X. Li and L. Qian,"Efficient Processing of Uncertain Data Using Dezert-Smarandache Theory: A Case Study". IEEE DataCom 2016, Auckland, New Zealand, August 8-12, 2016

H. Jafari, X. Li, L. Qian, and Y. Chen,"Community based sensing: A test bed for environment air quality monitoring using smartphone paired sensors". Sarnoff Symposium 2015, 36th IEEE, Newark, NJ, 2015, pp. 12-17

H. Jafari, A. Ayatollahi, and S. Mirzakuchaki,"A Low Power, High SFDR, ROM-Less Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer". 2005 IEEE Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits, 2005, pp. 829-832

H. Jafari, A. Ayatollahi, and S. Mirzakuchaki,"Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizers" ISCEE, 2005

H. Jafari,"Design of Eight Channel Oscilloscope Card". ISCEE, 2001

H. Jafari Published 11 troubleshooting technical support/solved cases in Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. technical support website


Work Experiences

Graduate Research Assistant, PhD student at Prairie View A&M University, CREDIT Center and WiComLab, Jan. 2013 - now

Freelancer Technical Consultant and Trainer,Oct. 2011¨CDec. 2012

Team Leader of Wireless Product Line, Technical Support Department (TSD), Huawei, Jan. 2008¨CSep. 2011
  • Technical Director for Iran first 3G operator (GSM-WCDMA network).

Wireless Technical Product Engineer,Huawei, Sep. 2005¨CJan. 2008

  • Worked as Wireless Technical Service Expert for Huawei wireless projects including HW-SW technical implementation, data configuration, system commissioning, system integration, acceptance test, troubleshooting, site survey, quality control and training
  • Worked on more than 30 wireless projects, including more than 20 GSM WLL projects for different provinces, MTN GSM BSS project (Iran second telecom operator), MCCI BSS Swap project (Iran first telecom operator), Tamin Telecom GSM-WCDMA project (Iran third telecom operator), MCCI WCDMA pilot project, and some other pilot projects (including WiMAX, WCDMA and LTE projects)

Circuit Designer, Niroo Research Institute (NRI), Oct. 2004-Apr. 2005
Designing and implementing of ˇ°Laser Driver Systemˇ± for OVCT (Opto Voltage Current Transformer). This project was an OVCT system to use in Power Distribution station (OVCT equipments automatically measure and monitor voltage and current of high voltage system with optical structures and devices).




Programming, Java, C/C++, Python, MATLAB, Android, Fortran, MySQL


Training & Certificatesty


NI-USRP, NI (National Instrument), 16-18 Oct-2014

LabVIEW core 1, Houston, NI (National Instrument), 3-5 Jun-2013

LabVIEW core 2, Houston, NI (National Instrument), 6-7 Jun-2013

E-learning training in LTE and Advanced Communications, Informa Telecom & Media "Telecom Academy in United Kingdom", 2010 (six months)

LTE(4G), Huawei Tech R&D, Shanghai, China, 2009 (two weeks)

WCDMA-RAN, Huawei Tech R&D, Shenzhen, China, 2009 (two weeks)

WiMAX training, Tehran, Iran (two weeks)

BSC6900 (Single RAN) training, Tehran, Iran (three weeks)

BSC6000/BTS3012 training, Tehran, Iran (two weeks)

BSC6810 WCDMA Data Configuration, Operation and Maintenance, Hardware and Transmission Dimensioning and HSPA RRM training, Tehran, Iran (one week)

Wireless GSM BSS (GSM, GPRS, EDGE), Huawei Tech training center, Shenzhen, China, 2005 (six weeks)