Today’s military analysts are faced with the monumental and escalating task of handling massive volumes of complex data from multiple sources. To enhance their ability to more effectively and efficiently process data, a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Prairie View A&M University establish Center of excellence in Research and Education for big military Data InTelligence (CREDIT). The center’s mission is to accelerate research and education in predictive analytics for science and engineering to transform our ability to effectively address and solve many complex problems posed by big data. The center will bring together sensing, perception, and decision support for mission-critical applications of DoD. CREDIT center will build partnerships with DoD labs, government agencies and business to focus on research data analysis and educating and training students to become data scientists and engineers in the future data-centric economy and contribute to DoD missions.


Multiple postdoc/research scientist positions available: Please contact Dr. Lijun Qian


Mission-Critical Big Data Analytics workshop 3 (MCBDA 2018)
Details can be found [here]

Questions/comments please contact Dr. Lijun Qian